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The Witch’s Bath

Fallen Leaves : Oak and Maple bath bomb

Fallen Leaves : Oak and Maple bath bomb

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maple leaf bath bomb Oak leaf bath bomb

Nothing gold can stay, but it can in your tub with these bath bombs!

Oak Leaf bath bomb: Orange and yellow swirls will bloom in your bath water for a bright, yellow orange Fall bath.

Oak Scent: Leaves + Sweet Green Tea

Maple Leaf bath bomb: Deep red with hints of yellow

Maple Scent: Apple Sage, Warm Vanilla

Hand pressed by yours truly aka The Head Bubble Witch. There will be slight design variances but all are handcrafted with love.

Ingredients: Bath bomb base (sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, kaolin clay, slsa) Rice Bran Oil, Fragrance, Orange lake, yellow 6 dye, red 40, mica, biodegradable glitter

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