How do I use my bath bombs?

Some of my Bombs float, and some do not due to the nature of detail in each one. I suggest you fill your tub with warm/hot water, step in, and slowly lower your bath bomb in the water. However, you can place it in before or after you step into the tub depending upon your preference! 

How do I use my shower steamer?

You can either place your shower steamer near the drain or near the opposite end of your shower so that the shower head water stream directly hits the steamer. Do not use steamers like you would a bath bomb - these are not intended to be bathed in due to the high concentration of essential oil and menthol.

How do I use my bubble bar?

You can use a portion of the bubble bar by breaking in half and using one half by holding it under running warm/hot water. Watch as the bubbles grow, and grow the longer you hold the bar under the faucet.

How do I use my bath melts?

Just like a bath bomb- Fill your tub with warm/hot water and toss the truffle/melt in! It will start to disperse within your tub on its own.

 My bath bomb broke during shipping, can I get a new one?

I try my best to package every order to prevent breaking from happening, please understand that these product are all handmade and require a lot of time to make, therefore I cannot, at this time, offer extra bath bombs after shipping damages. 


I do not accept returns or exchanges, but please contact me if you have any problems.