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Meet the Creator of The Witch’s Bath

The Witchs Bath is owned and operated by me, Alicia Marie, a lover of all things cute and spooky. The Witch’s Bath is a bath bomb and soap shop dedicated to bringing you quality,witchy themed artisan bath goods. Help support women of color in business and shop small!


I honestly used to hate taking baths, I had always been a shower person until I used my first bath bomb. The experience was amazing, it lead to me following a self care routine of relaxation, reflection, and fun that taking a quick shower hadn't. I've always had sensitive skin, (me and cystic acne have been bff for a long time) and I lavished in the thought of having bath bomb baths that hydrated my skin, let me de-stress, all while lifting my spirits. I started creating my own, testing many recipes until I created just the right one for my climate (super humid summer, then super dry in winter) using my favorite colors and scents that uniquely paired with my designs. I'm so happy to own and operate a business of my own, and want everyone who use my products to love it just as much.